Why is evening shooting better than daytime shooting?

Evening shooting VS daytime shooting

1. During the day, the light is too bright and it is very difficult (impossible) not to squint. The eyes may be narrow.
2. It's very hot. Even if it seems to you that you are used to the heat. My practice shows that after 20-30 minutes of shooting people get tired of the unbearable heat.
3. In the evening the sun goes down lower, so we get more gentle and romantic photos.
4. Also in the sunset the colors in the photo become more saturated and cosy.
5. In the evening, it is much easier for you to be on a 2-hour shooting. You can habitually open your eyes and not squint, you are not so worried about the scorching sun.
6. In the evening light, the skin looks smoother and cleaner. Even the smallest wrinkles are visible in daylight.

I have made several arguments for evening light. Of course, the final decision is always yours.